What are the benefits of rear bumper protectors for you and your vehicle?
What are the benefits of rear bumper protectors for you and your vehicle?

Rear Bumper Protector, Car Window Trim

A Rear Bumper Protector usually consists of vertical bars mounted to the bumper. Although this type of protector is more commonly used on front bumpers, it can be a plastic foam-filled pad or a rubber pad that can attach or detach easily from the back of a vehicle. Keep reading to find out what benefits rear bumper guards provide.

  1. If you park your vehicle, protect it.

  2. When parallel parking, it's easy to bump into a pole, fence, or even another vehicle. Parking garages can also be problematic because of the cramped conditions and concrete pillars that can cause significant damage to a car when struck.

    Plastic foam-filled bumper guards protect your vehicle's bumper from damage by providing a cushion. In addition, the foam will absorb a moderate amount of pressure so that the bumper won't be damaged.
    Furthermore, the Rear Bumper Protector will act as a barrier, preventing paint from slipping off your vehicle.

  3. Reduce Whiplash During an Accident

  4. A rear bumper guard will absorb the shock of the impact during a fender bender and reduce the risks of whiplash and other injuries to the occupants. Vertical bars will completely immerse the surprise so that the occupants will feel little of the impact.

    Compared with a rubber pad, a foam-filled protector will absorb a large amount of impact shock. So if you're looking for whiplash protection in an accident, it's better to choose one of the first two types of rear bumper guards.

  5. Taking Care of Your Paint Job

  6. It is possible to damage your bumper paint when you're parked in a public place. A grocery store parking lot, for example, can damage your paint if people don't look where they're walking with a cart and clip the back of your vehicle.

    A rubber or foam guard will act as a barrier between the cart and your paint job, while vertical bars will prevent anyone from getting near the back of your vehicle.

  7. Ensure your vehicle meets federal safety standards

  8. According to federal regulations, bumpers must be 16 to 20 inches above the road surface and solid enough to withstand impacts of specific speeds across the bumper's width and on the corners during a low-speed rear impact.

    A bumper must be able to withstand two mph impact speed on its width. In addition, a bumper must withstand one mph impact speed on its corners without denting or crushing to the point that it offers no protection to the vehicle.

    In some cases, hollow bumpers may not meet federal safety standards on their own but will if you install special bumper guards and corner guards.

  9. Enhance the Visual Appeal of a Vehicle

  10. A rear bumper guard can make a vehicle appear more streamlined, sporty, and even more expensive than it is. Even a simple black rubber rear bumper guard can improve the appearance of a car.

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