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Its subsidiaries include Superior Auto Accessories Co., Ltd., Kaito International Co., Ltd.,Guangzhou Genuoxi Auto Accessories Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yiming Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. Established on 2008, in No.13 8Heng Dongxian Road, Kengtou Village,Nancun Town, Guangzhou.

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Many people don’t know that in addition to ordinary bumper grille trim, there are also bumper grille trims with led lights on the market.   Compared with the traditional bumper grille trim, the biggest feature of led bumper grille trim is that it has more led.Bumper grille trim, which is usually installed at the lower front of the vehicle. The bumper grille trim with Led can be used as a warning when the vehicle is driving at night. It can remind pedestrians or passing vehicles.Especially car owners without daytime running lights,they should consider select a led bumper grille trim to suit their favorite car. As the choice of light color, most of them are blue led and white led. According to the market survey of SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD, blue led is more popular with most consumers. Of course, this depends on the owner’s personal I like to choose products that are more suitable for their vehicle.   In terms of material, led bumper grille trim is roughly divided into sus304+PP or sus304+ ABS. Most led bumper grille trim is sus304+ ABS. Because compared with PP material, ABS material is a bit more significant, has good flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, and appearance gloss is better than PP, but relatively speaking, the price of ABS is higher than that of PP. Nevertheless, the led bumper


Among the car decorations, car door speaker cover is getting more and more attention from customers.   Car door speaker cover is usually installed on the inside of the car door. Usually the material is SUS304, the color is Chrome, and the shape is mostly round. There are also trapezoidal shapes. Different models have different specific shapes. Recently, SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD has launched a new car door speaker cover, which is also popular with domestic and foreign guests. According to feedback, customers feel that the appearance of this product, the appearance of chrome, and the high-end texture of the car itself complement each other, which enhances the distinctiveness of the overall car interior.   The products of SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD are manufactured according to professional molds. They have a bright and clean appearance and are easy to install. They are designed according to various car models. They are specially designed for special vehicles. They can be pasted directly with 3M glue on the back. The installation is simple and convenient. The product has undergone several sampling tests of the original factory data before leaving the factory to ensure that the arc length of the product is highly fitted.   For more details, please pay attention to our official website, welcome to inquire!