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What is the difference between car anti-scratch strips and car trim strips?

In car decorations, some people confuse car anti-scratch strips with car trim strips. Today we will talk about the difference between the two strips.   First of all, let’s talk about the car anti-scratch strip. Automobile anti-collision strips are rubber or natural rubber materials, which belong to the exterior of the car body. They are usually installed at the corners of the door and front and rear bumpers. Anti-collision strips, also known as protective strips, anti-scratch strips, fender strips, Robin, and straps. When two cars are parked in a relatively small position, when the door is opened, it is very likely that due to the narrowness of the place, the moment the door is opened, it will collide with the body of the other vehicle, causing scratches, which will cause the loss of the vehicle. At this time, the role of the car anti-scratch strip is highlighted. If the car anti-scratch strip is installed, this loss can be avoided. Can play a role in buffering strength, and the material is rubber, will not leave scratches. However, there is also a problem at the same time. Rubber products are prone to aging and embrittlement after prolonged exposure to the sun. Therefore, the service life of this type of product is not particularly long, and care must be taken to protect it

Factory Supply Car Front Grille Trim For Voxy 80

  Recently, SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD, the car front grille trim in the new Voxy 80 product has attracted widespread attention and has been favored by a large number of domestic and foreign consumers.   Car front grille trim is an important part of car modification and car exterior trim.   Car front grille trim is usually installed on the grille in front of the car door. Most of them are in the shape of long strips, and the number is not necessarily determined according to the shape of the car. Some people confuse the mesh trim strip in the car with the front lip trim strip in the car. In fact, there is a difference between the two. The front lip trim is generally installed on the front lip of the car, which is a relatively lower position. The middle mesh trims are mostly installed in the middle mesh part of the car, which is relatively close to the middle part of the front part of the car. Some people think that if the front lip trim is installed, they don’t need to install the middle mesh trim. In fact, this idea is incorrect, because according to big data, there are more collisions on the middle mesh trim than on the front lip trim.   Car front grille