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Will the new release of 2021 Aqua Mxp set off a “hot sale” trend?

A few days ago, Toyota’s new second-generation Aqua was launched in Japan. The new car is built on the TNGA-B platform, and the hybrid system has also been improved to further improve efficiency.   In terms of appearance, the new Aqua inherits the compact and rounded style of the previous generation model, with a full and rounded front face, flat headlights and a large-sized black air intake grille. The overall look is very cute and cute. The side profile is compact and dynamic. Although it adopts a new platform and a redesigned body, its body size has not changed compared with the previous model, but the wheelbase has been lengthened by 50mm, so the rear space and luggage volume are also larger. . At the rear, the body-colored spoiler, vertically arranged taillights and black trims make it sportier than the previous generation.   The interior also adopts a new design, with a simple and lively shape. The digital instrument panel and the suspension 10.5-inch central control screen bring a good sense of technology. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense safety package as standard, including Functions such as full-speed active cruise system, lane tracking assist and Teammate Advance Park parking assist, in addition to automatic air conditioning, CarPlay, and 360° panoramic images, are

Why is Mazda Cx-3 so popular?

The Mazda CX-3 is a small SUV model of Mazda Motors, which was exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2014.   The positioning of CX-3 is close to that of Ford Wingbo. Wingbo is a small SUV based on the hatchback carnival, while CX-3 is based on Mazda 2. CX-3 and Nissan Juke are also quite close, but CX-3 aspires to become this The most maneuverable model in the class.   It can be seen from the imaginary picture that the CX-3 will continue the shield-shaped front face of the current CX-5, with a new headlight and silver cross-country decoration under the bumper. Like CX-5, CX-3 has simple, smooth and dynamic body lines.   Although it is a small crossover, it pays great attention to practicality. It is expected that the rear seats of CX-3 will be able to be easily put down by just pressing the button, and it will be very flat after being put down, which is improved. Loading space for the trunk.   And the appearance of CX-3 is very cool, the design is novel, the appearance is good-looking, the stability is strong, the whole car is rigid and flexible. The interior is also very personalized, the space in the car is large, and there is more storage space. Therefore, combined with the above