How to deal with the oxidation of automotive chrome strips, car bright strip oxidation treatment tutorial


Chrome-plated strips are a decorative trend. After electroplating, the surface of the parts can have a mirror-like reflection effect, showing a very strong metallic texture and fashion sense under the light. Many people use chrome-plated decorative parts in the car's air intake grille, door frame, fog lamp cover and other conspicuous positions to improve the car's grade. But there is a shortcoming that is easy to oxidize. Once the surface is oxidized, rust spots will appear, the color will turn yellow and become dull and dull. What should I do about the oxidation of automobile chrome plating?

Most chrome-plated decorations are electroplated on plastic parts. Metal chrome-plated decorations are relatively rare because of the light weight and low cost of plastics, and the electroplating effect is better. The mold spots and rust on the chrome-plated decoration are caused by the adhesion of mold microorganisms or long-term dampness. With the extension of use time, chrome-plated decorative parts such as automobile bright strips will be oxidized and blackened due to the influence of manufacturing process and use environment factors, which will make the chrome-plated mirror surface lose its luster and lose its decorative effect.

Automobile bright strip oxidation treatment tutorial

Toothpaste can be used to oxidize the car bright strips. The toothpaste contains antioxidants and descaling abrasive particles. Use a wet towel to dip the toothpaste and polish it; you can also use toilet cleaner, which contains dilute hydrochloric acid, which can dilute the oxide. Dip it with a towel and wipe it off. After wiping, use a clean damp towel to wipe off the remaining acid.

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