Recently, SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD has launched a new drink holder ring for PRIUS 50.



Drink holder ring is mainly installed on car cup holders.The installation method of the fog lamp frame is very simple. 1. The surface is clean. The surface of the paste must be kept absolutely clean and dry. Generally, it can be cleaned with a cloth that does not fall off with 50% alcohol, isopropanol, acetone or toluene. The surface cleaned by the solvent can be pasted only after the solvent is fully utilized. 2.Before the product is pasted, the product must be placed in the required installation position and adjusted. After the product installation position is determined, the red film should be removed for pasting. Avoid finger contact with the glue surface during operation. After the product is pasted It must be pressed hard to ensure full contact and wetting of the adhesive surface. 3. After the product and the part are pasted, it must not be in contact with water and large dust within 24 hours to achieve better adhesion.



Drink holder ring, there are traditional chrome, there is also a new piano black color. Compared with chrome, more consumers will choose piano black color. Because most of the interiors of ordinary cars are black, the piano black color drink holder ring matches the overall interior of the car, and the tone is more uniform. However, the color is only personal preference, consumers can match the car interior according to their favorite color.



A few people think that installing a drink holder ring is unnecessary. In fact, there are still benefits to installing a drink holder ring. In addition to the role of decoration, it can also prevent scratches. Some consumers will easily put keys and other sharp objects into the drink holder ring, which will easily cause scratches and damage the surface of the car cup holder.

If you are interested, you can contact our official website for details, welcome to inquire!

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