Where can I find instructions on how to install Chrome Trim?
Where can I find instructions on how to install Chrome Trim?

Chrome Trim Car, Car Luggage Mat

Trim isn't huge compared to your car's overall body paint, but for something so small, it can have a significant impact on the look of your vehicle? The chrome auto trim can give your car striking definition and emphasize its sleek lines-and with Chrome Trim Car, and it can protect ding-prone paint even as it adds style.

If you want auto chrome trim, you can have it, lovingly applied by your hands, on a vehicle that doesn't already have it. If you wish to auto chrome trim, you can have it lovingly used by your hands.

  1. Clean Up

  2. Wash your vehicle and your hands first. Stick-on chrome trim works best when it sticks on, and one of the keys to ensuring a solid adhesive bond is to make sure none of the dust, grime, oils, or anything else gets between your vehicle and the tape.

    Finish up the area where the chrome auto trim will install by wiping it down with a paint-safe solvent or rubbing alcohol and a cotton towel free of oils, dyes, and lint.

  3. Stick the trim

  4. In this step, all that prep and practice pays off. Peel the backing off the chrome trim and gently press it into place, smoothing it out as you go. If necessary, wipe the mounting surfaces with a clean, fresh cloth as you work.

  5. Let it rest

  6. If you're installing new chrome trim strips, give them time to set properly before washing. Three to five days is generally considering best, but a 24-hour no-washing period is an absolute minimum. You can enjoy a long, beautiful relationship with your new chrome trim if you let the adhesive do its thing.

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