The difference between LED car door sill and ordinary car door sill


I believe that when many people go to buy car door sill, they will be distressed whether to choose LED car door sill or ordinary car door sill.


For ordinary car door sill, it is just a simple car decoration. In order to let you have a supporting role when getting on and off the car. It provides convenience and support for some elderly and children when getting on and off the car. When passing low-lying roads, the car door sill can protect the car body, and the car door sill can also prevent the paint from being damaged. When washing the car, step on the car door sill to clean the blind corners of the roof. It can improve the coordination of the vehicle's appearance.


In addition to the above commonality, LED car door sill also increase the role of lighting. In addition to lighting, it also serves as a safety warning. Driving at night will improve safety. In addition, LED car door sill also increase the aesthetics and enhance the overall temperament of the car. In addition, compared with the ordinary car door sill, the price of LED LED car door sill will be a little bit more expensive than ordinary car door sill. However, the LED one is still the choice of many people.


Our company has also introduced normal car door sill and LED car door sill for the corresponding models.


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