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1. 4 Pcs/Set, PC material,high bending and harmless to human
2. Avoid rainwater directly into the car from window
3. Improve ventilation by letting fresh air in
4.Good effect to block the sun but not block the line of sight

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YEAR: 2/2015~
Material: PC
PCS: 4



High quality / New product / Hot selling

Front View

1. It adopts PC material, with the advantages of wear resistance , high bending, high strength and elasticity.It is also non-toxic and harmless material, the use of it will not cause any harm to the human body,high quality, is the production of rain shield visor material of major choice.

2. It can avoid rain directly into the car from window, but also to prevent the rainwater wiper scraped blowing into the car. Block side glare and ultraviolet light, reduce the car temperature. And it can also block rain, snow, wind and sand into the car, does not affect air exchange,improve ventilation by letting fresh air in.

3.Transparent black smoke color, when you watch it from long distant, the color is black, but when you close up, the color is transparent. Have good effect to block the sun, does not block the line of sight.
→Reduces sun glare for greater visibility.
→Reduce wind noise.
→Improve ventilation by letting fresh air in.
→PC material,wear resistance.

Back Side

1. Strong double-sided tape has been attached to the back. Not only has strong adhesion, but also does not require extra processing, even laymen can install it without damaging the car body.

2. Simple installation just by attaching The effect of the actual installation has been confirmed Perfect angle realized by special design.



Guangzhou Jin Yan Jin Shu Zhi Pin Group is located in Panyu, the beautiful back garden of Guangzhou. Its subsidiaries include Superior Auto Accessories Co., Ltd., Kaito International Co., Ltd.,Guangzhou GenuoxiAuto Accessories Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yiming Auto Accessories Co., Ltd.and Hong Kong Design Headquarters etc.It have independently successfully built internationally renowned brands such as SAA, BM, JY, etc., and are deeply involved in the automotive field. Mainly engaged in automotive interior and exterior decoration products, integrating R&D, design and production, leading technology, advanced equipment, super product R&D and design mode, products with new design information, fast development speed, and good quality of finished products.
The factory is located in the East Line Industrial Zone of Kengtou, Nancun. The number of employees is more than 200. It adopts automated and mechanized production mode and has excellent production indicators, including 1 fiber laser machine, 12 punching machines, 15 hydraulic presses, and 10 CNC numerical control centers. , 8 injection molding machines, 2 radial drilling machines, 1 large water grinder, 1 ordinary grinder, 4 milling machines, 1 handheld 3D scanner, 1 fixed 3D scanner, 2 EDM machines and other large instruments and equipment.
Q1: What products do you mainly deal in?
A1: We mainly deal with auto accessories products (including interior and exterior decorations).
Q2: Does the actual product look like the same as the picture? Will there be color difference?
A2: Due to the impact of the lighting on site and the different resolutions of the computer monitor screen used by each person, the colors seen in the pictures may be slightly different from the actual objects. Everyone has different perceptions of color. You can refer to the comments of the majority of buyers to better understand the performance of this product.
Q3: The product you sent is defective or broken.I would like to exchange or return it!
A3: If it is due to damage in the logistics process or the product itself, please take the time to take a photo and send it to us for verification, and we will handle it properly for you.
Q4: What should I do if the product is not fitting for the car?
A4: Our products have been checked by professionals, and this problem generally does not occur. Special reminder is that when customers buy our products, they must carefully check whether themodel corresponds with what they need.
Q5: What logistics do you ship through and how do you calculate the shipping cost?
A5: There are many logistics companies, each with its own dedicated line. We will use the most suitable and most convenient logistics company according to your actual situation. The cost is payed by your side.
Q6: How long does it take from ordering to receiving?
A6: Starting from the day you make the payment, such as small batches of products in stock, they can usually be shipped within 7-10 days. The arrival time is determined by the distance of the road and the way of logistics. For large quantities, it usually takes about 15-20 days.
Q7: Do you have discount for bargaining?
A7: We are the manufacturer, the price is competitive, if it is a large quantity, please contact our customer service.


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