Recently, our company has launched a new Alphard/Vellfire /30 LED seat rail light.


This LED seat rail light has three colors to choose from, namely ice blue, white and red. The product is non-destructive replacement installation and can be turned on with the original car lights. It has the advantages of turning on the marquee, turning on the small light, turning to the yellow light, and LED lamp beads.


Choosing LED seat rail lights is more beautiful, with soft light and full LED atmosphere lights, creating an atmosphere and making your car more attractive.


Choosing LED seat rail lights is more functional, LED high-brightness lamp beads, fast heat dissipation, high brightness, high brightness seamless, imported wick, quality guaranteed.


It is safer to choose LED seat rail lights, constant current voltage regulation, effective protection of resistance, waterproof and fireproof.


The product is easy to install and is non-destructive installation. It only needs to plug and dock the taillights at line speed immediately. The detailed installation method is as follows: 1. Use a No. 10 sleeve tool to unscrew the screws of the original car's taillights to remove the taillights, remove the taillights backwards forcefully, and pull out the original car plugs. 2. Open the middle door, with the thread head toward the back, the gap to the outside, and insert it directly from the gap. 3. Butt the plugs, restore the original taillights, and tighten the screws with sockets.


Specific details can be found on our official website SAA, welcome to inquire.

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