How to install bumper trim
How to install bumper trim

1. The bumper trim is an important part of the car, which plays the role of decoration and protection of the car. At the same time, it can also protect the body paint from being scratched by flying gravel when the car is running. The existing rear bumper The brake lights and reflectors are assembled in one piece, causing confusion in the production line and inconvenient assembly.

2. A rear bumper lower trim strip, comprising a trim strip body, the trim strip body is in an arc shape and matches the curve of the vehicle body, and the top of the trim strip body is provided with a buckle to connect with the rear bumper, the trim strip The middle part of the main body is provided with a reflector. The two ends of the decorative strip body located on the side of the reflector are respectively provided with brake light installation holes. The brake light installation holes are provided with brake lights. Grille.

3. Further, the reflector includes a bottom plate, a reflector and an outer cover, the reflector is a hemispherical bead, the upper part of the reflector is provided with a tapered groove, the reflector is fixed on the bottom plate, and the bottom plate The reflective body is coated with a reflective coating, and the outer cover is arranged on the bottom plate and covers the reflective body.

4. The inner side of the decorative strip body is provided with an energy-absorbing buffer strip. Further, the main body of the decorative strip is integrally injection molded. Further, the brake light mounting hole is elongated.

5. The rear brake light and the reflector can be assembled separately, which makes the production efficiency higher, and the reflector can reflect light from various angles to remind the vehicle to slow down. At the same time, the lower decorative strip of the rear bumper can realize the style of the streamlined design of the bumper and the body, and shows a young and energetic style from the appearance.

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