Chrome-plated “bright bars” are rusty and disgusting. 5 ways to make it bright as ever
Chrome-plated “bright bars” are rusty and disgusting. 5 ways to make it bright as ever

I don't know when it started, chrome bars seem to have become standard for cars, and even tens of thousands of cars have chrome bars, which in a sense can enhance the compelling standard of the vehicle. So the question is, is this car still beautiful after the rusty chrome strips of low-end cars 2 years later? Is the compulsion still? Are you embarrassed to leave the house?

The car master tells everyone how to easily remove the rust and stains on the chrome-plated decoration with easy-to-buy materials and do it yourself.

Why does chrome-plated material rust?

At present, most of the chrome-plated decorations we see are electroplated on plastic parts, and metal chrome-plated decorations are relatively rare, because the plastic is light in weight, low in cost, and the electroplating effect is better. The mold spots and rust on the chrome-plated decoration are caused by the adhesion of mold microorganisms or long-term dampness. The ambient air quality we currently live in is relatively poor, and acid rain and acid fog are also very frequent, which will cause corrosion to chrome-plated materials after being wet.

Introduction of rust removal materials

There are 5 kinds of materials we selected. They are toothpaste, toilet cleaner, carburetor cleaner, WD-40 anti-rust lubricant and copper rubbing paste. These materials are very easy to buy, and the purchase price on the e-commerce website will be more advantageous, and the variety will be more abundant and complete.

Among the five materials we chose, the cheapest are toothpaste and toilet cleaner. They can be found everywhere, almost every household has them, and the price is basically less than 10 yuan. The prices of the other three materials are all close to 30 yuan, which is more expensive than the first two. Rust removal process

Dip a towel with the corresponding material for wiping. This method is simple and convenient, and this "work" can be carried out anytime and anywhere. For example, copper paste and carburetor cleaner are corrosive. It is better to wear a pair of gloves before starting operation.

  1. Toothpaste

Although the effect of toothpaste is obvious, it is also helpless in the face of stubborn rust stains.

Second, the toilet cleaner

Toilet Cleaner was added to the material we selected because it was mentioned in the car home forum and rust-related topics, so we are also very curious about its effect.

Three, WD-40 universal antirust agent

WD-40 anti-rust agent was found when we searched for related anti-rust products on the Internet. According to official information, it has a strong surface affinity and permeability to metals, and can penetrate into the metal pores to eliminate 100% Moisture and humidity form an extremely thin dense protective film to isolate moisture and air, effectively solving the problem of metal rusting "from the inside out". Perhaps its biggest function is "rust prevention", not the "rust removal" we need this time.

Four, carburetor cleaning agent

Carburetor cleaner is almost a universal cleaning product in the auto repair industry. Any stubborn stains such as oil stains and glue stains can be removed with it first. But the problem that needs attention is that it is highly corrosive and has a certain impact on the car paint, so you must not spray it on the car paint during operation.

Five, rub the copper paste

The source of copper rubbing paste is the same as WD-40 anti-rust agent, which is recommended by e-commerce. The brand we chose is made in Germany and has a very good effect on removing rust on most metal materials.

Among the five materials we tested, except for toothpaste, all have a certain degree of acidity or alkalinity. After wiping the chrome decoration, be sure to rinse it with clean water to avoid adverse effects on the chrome decoration after a long time. , In severe cases, the chrome plating may even fall off. Through experiments, it seems that the toilet cleaner is still the most powerful, and its price is relatively low. The price of a 200ml bottle does not exceed 10 yuan.

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